Genre jumper Colleen Thompson knows all about Rowling with the changes

The reading and writing world is buzzing about JK Rowling's forthcoming novel for adults. Will she be able to make a drastic jump in genre?

It's all about the storytelling, and with 20+ novels under her belt, Colleen Thompson has proven she can take her mad storytelling skills across genre borders, taking readers with her. The most thrilling aspects of the indie revolution is an author's ability to bring early work out of the vault and explore new ideas without a publisher's permission.

Thompson is a contemporary romantic suspense Ritanista known for creating evocative atmospheres, richly developed characters and tightly driven plotlines.

The Salt Maiden's stark desert setting provides the perfect backdrop for the story of a snake-bitten heroine, dodging bullets and searching desperately for her artsy-so-possibly-mental-case sister with the help of a complicated (but appropriately hunky) sheriff.

But Thompson started her career as Gwyneth Atlee, writing meticulously researched historical romances. Innocent Deceptions is based on the true story of a southern belle spy during the Civil War.

And just for fun, Thompson recently teamed up with a writing pal to create The Night Holds the Moon, an epic fantasy novel about a magic flute that falls into the hands of a rowdy young lady-in-waiting. The exercise in world building was a visit to her youth, in which she admits to playing Dungeons and Dragons -- between fencing, barrel racing and getting nerdishly good grades, of course.