JK Rowling novel skipped auction: BLOOD ANGEL author Kelly McClymer on art/commerce of publishing

More buzz around the biz pursuant to yesterday's announcement of JK Rowling's new novel, which will be out later this year, according to a tweet from Rowling.

One of our newest editions to the LEA, YA/grownup crossover novelist Kelly McClymer says, "I am so excited to see Rowling tackle a book for adults. I really came to appreciate her keen observations and humor while reading Harry Potter aloud to my family on our all-day-long car trips to visit family for vacation and holidays."

Literary agent Neil Blair told the WSJ that he "negotiated directly with Little, Brown in the UK for world English rights rather than offering the title for auction."

A lot of people were surprised by that, but Rowling has the luxury of putting money at the bottom of the list of publishing priorities -- which, in a perfect world, is exactly where we'd all like it to be. I personally love her all the more for further proof of the artistic integrity with which she's always conducted her career.

In the publishing industry, art and commerce are sometimes uneasy bedfellows.

McClymer, a publishing industry mover/shaker and blogger with Book View Cafe, examines some of the issues in the indie/traditional mashup currently rocking the publishing world in "Writing in the Digital Age: Pulling Aside the Curtain Reveals Some Nasty Dustbunnies."

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