Neal Pollack's indie novel JEWBALL picked up by Amazon's Thomas & Mercer imprint

Excellent occasion to explain the meaning of "TAWANDA!" to Neal Pollack today with the breaking news that his indie-pubbed novel Jewball will be in print later this spring from Amazon's publishing arm, Thomas & Mercer.

The self-published paperback edition of Jewball will remain on sale till the end of March. The ebook is available on Kindle for just $4.99.

A bestselling satirist and memoirist, Pollack self-pubbed Jewball, his first novel, last year as the climate in NY made a risky reimagining of events surrounding a real life pre-WWII Jewish basketball team a tough sell. With the Nazi storm rising in Europe and fascism on the rise in America, point guard Inky Lautman and his teammates are on a quest to change history, which is exactly what the book does in a magnificently funny, poignant "Inglorious Basterds" kind of way.

In my review of Jewball last year, I wrote: "It's a smart, funny, thought-provoking mover/shaker of a novel. ...This high caliber of indie published fiction gives me hope for the future of American lit. Here's an author in the full presence of his craft, taking creative control and (sorry to mix sports metaphors) hitting it out of the park."

This is one of the books that convinced me to form The League of Extraordinary Authors. I'm incredibly proud to have been one of the early champions of excellent books like Jewball, Eric Coyote's The Long Drunk and Barbara Taylor Sissel's The Volunteer. Some of the best, bravest, riskiest fiction I've read in years. That's what we're all about.

Congratulations, Neal!

("Tawanda" comes from Fanny Flagg's Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe. Book clubbers say "Tawanda!" like Charlie Sheen says "Winning!")