Indie Revolution: Extraordinary Authors Neal Pollack & Joni Rodgers at SXSW

This afternoon at 5 PM at the Sheraton Austin, Kathleen Meyer moderates SXSW panel discussion "Self-Publishing: A Revolution for Midlist Authors" with indie/traditional crossover authors Neal Pollack, Marty Beckerman and Joni Rodgers.

Per the PR:
Self-publishing's moment has arrived. Authors both famous and obscure are releasing their own ebooks,cutting out the middleman, bypassing the gatekeepers of a notoriously hard-to-break-into industry, and sometimes making huge profits. But it's midlist authors, established but not bestselling, who stand to benefit the most from the self-publishing boom. This panel, comprised of already-published authors who are either trying to or intending to self-publish, will examine the benefits, pitfalls, and potential of self-publishing, and will point the way toward a new self-reliant digital future for book writers.