Past the gatekeepers and out of the vault!

You won't find any amateurs here. Only seasoned professionals -- bestselling, critically acclaimed and award-winning authors -- handpicked by Stella Link founder Joni Rodgers, who's debut novel, Crazy for Trying, was originally published by MacAdam-Cage and short-listed for the Barnes & Noble Discover Award.

Since then, Joni's been published by HarperCollins, Random House and Simon & Schuster, and she continues to work with Big 6 publishers while releasing select backlist and new titles through her own digital imprint, Stella Link.

Most of us in the League of Extraordinary Authors made it past the proverbial gatekeepers long ago and are still being published by big name publishers and at small literary presses. That means readers will find the same quality they expect from big name publishers, but because indie authors have a much lower overhead than traditional publishers, we're able to offer these terrific books at reader-friendly prices!

Check out our "Old Friends & Backlist Bargains" widget in the right hand sidebar. All these titles were originally pubbed in hardcover and paperback by big name and literary presses. Out of the vault as new ebook releases, they've got fresh indie spirit and often include bonus content, sneak peeks and other special features you won't find in the original hardcover and paperback editions.