Live from the London Book Fair: FIRST YOU WRITE

We are truly living in the most thrilling publishing era since Gutenberg.

I finished the final draft of this manuscript on my MacBook Air during a flight from Texas to Belgium and input my critique partners’ edits on the bullet train from Brussels to St. Pancras Station.

Drinking coffee in the kitchen of Irish author Orna Ross (whom I’ve seen many times on Facebook and Skype but met for the first time three days ago at the Willesden Green tube station), I converted the manuscript to ebook format and assigned it an ISBN from the spares I keep on hand.

Sitting in the Espresso corner at Earl's Court with the London Book Fair in full swing all around me, I published it and set it up for a mid-week freebie via Kindle Select.

Since I started my indie pub adventure, I've been overwhelmed with gratitude -- not just for this moment but for the journey that brought me here.

Download First You Write: The Worst Way to Become an Almost Famous Author and the Best Advice I Got While Doing It free on Kindle Wednesday and Thursday. Hope you enjoy it.