Live at the London Book Fair: Alliance of Independent Authors launch

Wednesday morning at the London Book Fair, Extraordinary Author (and all around extraordinary dame) Orna Ross launches the Alliance of Independent Authors at the London Book Fair!

"In the history of human communication there are a few key moments," says Ross. "One was the move from bard to scribe, when storytellers started writing stuff down. Another was the invention of the printing press, and the advances at Gutenberg that allowed books to be cheaply made and distributed. Another was the move from silent movies to ‘talkies.’ I believe we’re now living through a cultural change of similar order."

The Alliance of Independent Authors (#ALLIA on twitter), a go-to resource center for education, advocacy, community and tools indie authors need. (And it happens to be the only non-profit organization currently serving indie authors' needs.)

Look for launch week agenda and updates on Orna Ross' Go Creative blog.