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An ancient instrument of unspeakable power, Lhant’s legendary Saireflute is meant to be played only as a ceremonial reminder of the Queen’s might, and to be handled only by a docile, well-trained virgin. When an accident of fate --or magic-- instead places it in the hands of a disgraced and disreputable young lady-in-waiting, Elzin sees her miraculous ascent as her escape from a flogging, the furious Queen sees it as the motive for a murder…

"While most readers know me as an author of romantic mystery/suspense or historical romance," author Colleen Thompson tells BoxOcto, "I've long nurtured a fascination for the kind of big, imaginative epic fantasies I cut my teeth on as a young reader. From Tolkien's LORD OF THE RINGS TRILOGY to Terry Brooks' SHANNARA series to Stephen R. Donaldson's CHRONICLES OF THOMAS COVENANT THE UNBELIEVER and so many more, I was inspired to create a world and characters of my own, which I did with the help of the amazingly talented Parke Roberts. THE NIGHT HOLDS THE MOON, is part of an amazing journey years in the making. I absolutely love this story and its characters and hope that you will, too."

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