Recipe for the Perfect #BeachRead (2 Beachy Freebies!)

Stella Link has two hot beach reads FREE on Kindle this weekend! Dangerous Attractions by Gwyneth Atlee and Sugarland by Joni Rodgers.

Every beach read needs to take the reader on a swift adventure, a mini-vacation. It needs to leave them breathless and wanting more, an exhilarating roller-coaster you can ride without leaving the comfortable shade of your umbrella and the slick condensation on your Mai-Tai.

RECIPE FOR THE PERFECT BEACH READ (according to Sugarland's 5*Star Amazon reviews):
1 PART TIME MANAGEMENT: "It was a quick read, I didn't need to think too much so it was a perfect "escape book" for me." - K.Nejdl

2 PARTS EXCITEMENT: "Just could not put it down, turns and twists continued to reveal new facets of loving and living.... I found myself holding my breath...and pounding my fist in the air when justice was served." - B.Sasson

1 PART SPICE:   "Funny, Poignant, Sexy, Exciting, Compassionate, Smart, Scary, Earthy, Heartbreaking, Courageous, Lyrical -- just like life." - A.Burk

POP in your beach bag, and enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!