Dan Holloway recommends Quintessence by Andrew Meek

This month is all about independence, so we’re inviting the Extraordinaires to share their favorite indie picks. Don't forget to vote in the First 50 Words contest for one indie writer to win a free multi-platform promo push from the League throughout the month of August!

Dan Holloway recommends Quintessence by Andrew Meek:

Part Tarkovsky's Solaris, part Durenmatt's Die Physiker, this is a glorious meditation on the nature of reality and the soul. As Alexander Staalman seeks to come to terms with a terrible act that ended the life of his son over a decade earlier, the narratives he has created to define himself and make sense of that decision slowly begin to unravel, unravelling him with them.

Literary Death Match winner Dan Holloway is a poet, novelist and literary innovator. "I'm devoting 2012 to forgetting about selling anything and remembering that I'm actually a writer." (Meanwhile, his Kindle projects are bestselling cult favorites.) His book, Songs from the Other Side of the Wall, is "detail and image rich...very real, very now." Follow his exploits here or by searching #lastmanoutofeden.