#First50WordsContest Finalists

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Mayfly Requiem
by Courtney M. Privett

Who are you, little boy?
Are you my punishment or my redemption? Are you even mine?
I can't know for sure, but I think you are. You have my eyes. Blue, with just a few subtle flecks of gold starring those beautiful irises. I didn't realize my eyes were so

The Beauty Of Psyche
by Andrew Staniland

I imagine the night as an oil painting. Swirling yellow stars. An indigo sky as thick as a ploughed field.

I see it in the distance through a stone window. The empty arch is as tall as a man, as deep as a castle wall. A portal for all...

The Gatsby Game
by Anne R. Allen

Some people still think I’m a terrible person because I didn’t call the police right away. If I had, we might have avoided one of Hollywood’s most notorious sex scandals, and I wouldn’t have spent a lifetime living down the whole “killer nanny” thing.

Brand Loyalty
by Cally Phillips

‘Existence is useless!’ Nike shouted gleefully as he threw the controls into hyperdrive, pushing the spaceship towards the black hole, risking all in an attempt to break the space-time continuum...
‘May as well... I've just crashed and burned YET again.’ Nike turned from the console and grinned at Omo,

Born a Refugee
by Dixiane Hallaj

Ali darted into a narrow alley. As he ran, he listened. At first all he heard was the pounding of his own feet on the street and the rush of his own breath—in, out, in, out. Then he heard what he was listening for—the thud of a single pair of combat boots behind him.