Indie Elite: My Memories of a Future Life by Roz Morris

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My Memories of a Future Life by Roz Morris:

If you were somebody’s past life…

What echoes would you leave in their soul?
Could they be the answers you need now?

It’s a question Carol never expected to face. She’s a gifted musician who needs nothing more than her piano and certainly doesn’t believe she’s lived before. But forced by injury to stop playing, she fears her life may be over. Enter her soulmate Andreq: healer, liar, fraud and loyal friend. Is he her future incarnation or a psychological figment? And can his story help her discover how to live now?

A novel in the vein of The Time Traveller’s Wife, Vertigo and The Gargoyle, My Memories of a Future Life is much more than a 'who was I' tale. It’s a provocative study of the shadows we don’t know are driving our lives, from our own pasts and from the people with us right now. An examination of what we believe, what we create and how we scare and heal each other.

Above all, it’s the story of how one lost soul searches for where she now belongs.

Roz Morris is a secretly bestselling ghostwriter. She lives in London writing captivating and sometimes quirky fiction and bombastic writer help books. She's a journalist, editor, and occasionally a film extra. Her featured novel, My Memories of a Future Life, has been called "visual and visceral, original and odd... will stay with you long after finishing its final pages" Visit Author online at

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