Joni Rodgers recommends Lip Service by M.J. Rose

This month is all about independence, so we’re inviting the Extraordinaires to share their favorite indie picks. We're also sponsoring the First 50 Words contest for indie writers to win a free multi-platform promo push from the League throughout the month of August!

Joni Rodgers recommends Lip Service by M.J. Rose:
Back when there were only 17 shades of gray, M.J. Rose self-published the grandmama of all indies: Lip Service, an unabashed one-handed read about a phone sex therapist with a low-libido husband and a flair for interior decorating. Rose’s wildly successful novel blazed a trail as the first indie picked up by a corporate publisher. I love it for the same reasons I love Valley of the Dolls and Fanny Hill; it’s a ribald bit of cultural history, a telling industry icon and a ridiculously entertaining read.

Joni Rodgers is the founder of Stella Link Books and the League of Extraordinary Authors. Her first novel, Crazy For Trying, has been called "Jane Eyre with rock'n'roll". Visit Joni online at

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