Apathy has never been so great

Stella Link is singularly awesome because they are letting their favorite bitter little intern (me) have her own month to talk about all the stuff she thinks is awesome. So, get on your reading glasses and find out what the kids think is fresh and happenin' these days!

"Oh. My. God. Jerusha. I found your bible." That was how my friend introduced me to the book Apathy and Other Small Victories by Paul Neilan. Within a month, he and I had convinced all our friends to read it and frequently had Apathy quote-alongs with dinner. Yeah, I've always been this cool.

Neilan wrote a book for a truly sarcastic generation. It's politically incorrect, it's unapologetic and, best of all, it's hilarious. We're talking snort-because-you-laugh-so-hard funny. People staring at me in the doctor's office (apparently, that's not an appropriate location for any sort of mirth or jocularity) because every line was a new level of sarcastic awesomeness.

Not everyone feels this way. Some people don't enjoy fun or laughing. Like this guy, "There must be something wrong with me--as [Max] Barry kindly suggests on the back cover--because...I did not find it bitingly satirical." Well, yes, there is something wrong him. He probably also hates memes and kittens. But, most people love this book because they enjoy things that make them laugh and especially things that make them happy. Like this guy, "I am not funny. But this book makes me feel funny..." Or this one, "this is our generation's foul-mouthed Holden Caulfield."

What it comes down to is this: It's raunchy. It's foul. It's politically incorrect. It's gloriously amusing. It's easily in the top five books I've ever read. So, if you're not afraid of a little sex, swearing, and murder, this book will asphyxiate you with laughter. Ok, maybe not that, but you'll laugh till you do that weird donkey-sounding gasp thing and your eyes are watering. But in a good way.

The only thing Shane cares about is leaving. Usually on a Greyhound bus, right before his life falls apart again. Just like he planned. But this time it's complicated: there's a sadistic corporate climber who thinks she's his girlfriend, a rent-subsidized affair with his landlord's wife, and the bizarrely appealing deaf assistant to Shane's cosmically unstable dentist. When one of the women is murdered, and Shane is the only suspect who doesn't care enough to act like he didn't do it, the question becomes just how he'll clear the good name he never had and doesn't particularly want: his own.

Jerusha got her BA in English from Sam Houston State University. She's an award winning speaker and writer, but prefers to be known as a hipster and a vagabond. You can follow her worldly misadventures on twitter and instagram.