Have you read a banned book lately?

Stella Link is singularly awesome because they are letting their favorite bitter little intern (me) have her own month to talk about all the stuff she thinks is awesome. So, get on your reading glasses and find out what the kids think is fresh and happenin' these days!

Sometimes, you just need a little gray area. No, not that gray area.

I mean a good ol' banned book. There's just something delicious about reading something you're not supposed to.
My all time favorite book in the whole of the English language is The Giver by Lois Lowry. I had the incredible pleasure of meeting her at a book event once. I don't think that, if I were in a position of any authority, I would be able to look such a nice person in the face and tell them that their book, their blood, sweat and tears, was not suitable to be read. She's just that nice.

The story centers on a young boy asked to carry the weight the whole world on his shoulders in a society he can't quite fit into. The graphic memories he's given show a spectrum of human experience that's painful, beautiful, sad and important.
I think we all felt like that sometimes as we grew up. I think we all still have those moments.

To take a book like this and sweep it under the rug, shove it in a closet, ban it-even burn it, is to say that everyone who relates to it deserves that treatment as well. When we, as a culture, allow books to be banned, we allow members of our community to be shut off and alienated. Yeah, some books are offensive. Hell, some books just suck. But there is no standard. There can't be. We have to trust society, trust readers, to be discerning.
It's the glorious nature of this literary beast we love so much.

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