Joni Rodgers' new mystery KILL SMARTIE BREEDLOVE is #Free4Kindle today!

From Joni on her newest novel: Pulled the trigger on my latest novel! Most fun I've had writing a book. EVER. After 19 months ghostwriting without a single day off (3 books, all NYT bestsellers, thank you!), I went on a pure-pleasure reading binge of hardboiled detective fiction. Then I went on a pure-pleasure writing binge. This is that.

Thursday-Saturday, you can download this deliciously quirky whodunit by the bestselling author of SUGARLAND and THE HURRICANE LOVER for FREE!

Recently widowed private dick Shep Hartigate, a dishonored cop reduced to chasing cheating spouses for a ruthless Houston divorce lawyer, teams up with free-spirited pulp fiction writer Smartie Breedlove to find out who’s killing the inconvenient exes of Texas—including Smartie’s BFF, Charma Bovet, a centerfold with a heart of gold.

Could Shep’s gorgeous but unscrupulous employer really have a secret bimbo/mimbo hit list? Or is Smartie Breedlove a few peeps shy of an Easter basket?

A colorful cast of problematic lovers, longsuffering family, and stalwart friends (both two-legged and four-legged) close ranks around Smartie and Shep as they sift clues and maneuver to stay alive. Calling on her longtime companions Agatha Christie, Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler and Daphne du Maurier, Smartie finds a roadmap to the hardboiled plot twists and U-turns drawing her perilously close to a damaging past that left her scarred and now threatens to destroy her.

NYT bestselling ghostwriter, author and indie publisher Joni Rodgers is known for creating characters that resonate, dialogue that crackles with wit, and plots that surprise. If you love a great mystery woven with skill, humor and compassion, KILL SMARTIE BREEDLOVE will not disappoint.

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Bestselling, critically acclaimed author Joni Rodgers writes free-spirited, character-driven fiction and narrative nonfiction, including several NYT bestselling memoirs she's ghostwritten for celebrities and other people living extraordinary lives. Her memoir, Bald in the Land of Big Hair, continues to be a book club and UIL favorite, still in print more than ten years after its hardcover release.