Tuesdays with Stella: Weekly writing sports!

Every Tuesday, the LXA blog challenges you to have a little fun and flex your writing muscles!

This week's challenge:
1) Select a color. That's the subject of your poem..
2) Create a poem describing that color without ever naming it.

Hint: Sound tough? Try thinking about how that color makes you feel and some things that are associated with it.

The Color of My Favorite Scarf by Jerusha Rodgers

It's coffee after you pour in too much cream,
A flashlight bulb the moment before
the battery dies and the light goes out.
It's the snow on the side of the road
after the snowplow rolls through.

It's all the times you forgot something
and all the 'good morning's at a meeting.
It's nothing like love or anger or diamonds
Or the bright yellow popsicles that melt
down the fingers of children in Summer.
No, nothing like that.

It's more like indifference. A tabula rasa.
Like looking just to the right of the sun.
It's thick paper that you only feel good about
when you write on it with a heavy, twist-cap pen.
It's the brittle tape on boxes in dark attics
and the ragged edges of well-worn books.

It was the old lace doily before you threw it out
along with the cloth you used until it looked like lace, too.

Yeah, it's something like that.

Okay, GO! Let your writer flag fly in the privacy of your own cave or post your response in our comments section. Every week, our favorite response will be rewarded with a free copy of First You Write: The Worst Way to Become an Almost Famous Author and the Best Advice I Got While Doing It. AND we might just publish your response in a forthcoming book from Stella Link! Just sayin'.

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