Welcome to our newest Extraordinaire, Lorna Landvik

Join us in welcoming our newest Extaordinaire, author and comedienne Lorna Landvik!

She is the author of eight previous novels, including the best-selling ANGRY HOUSEWIVES EATING BON BONS, OH MY STARS, and THE VIEW FROM MOUNT JOY. She has recently finished BEST TO LAUGH, a novel that pays homage to her days in Hollywood, when she was performing stand-up comedy and worked a temp job at the Playboy Mansion (strictly clerical). She is currently working on two novels, one of which is a sequel to her beloved first novel, PATTY JANE'S HOUSE OF CURL. Lorna is also an actor and public speaker. Her all-improvised show, “Party in the Rec Room,” is a local legend, due in part to the fact she mixes up margaritas on stage. She has one husband and two daughters and lives in the beautiful blue and green state of Minnesota.

Her newest novel, MAYOR OF THE UNIVERSE, is a "wonderful journey...a joy." Landvik's writing is described as having "wonderful characters, lovely, humorous story telling and always having a surprise, a curve of thought."

The world sees Fletcher Weschel as a mild-mannered insurance man, but it could be the world has vision problems. In his fantasies, he returns the call of the wild with a bellowing, "here I come!" In reality, no one hears his whispered, "me too!" --
except for some unlikely visitors who descend upon him one cold November night. With their help, Fletcher experiences mystery and wonder far beyond his daydreams, and the adventures he's about to undertake are truly out-of-this-world.
MAYOR OF THE UNIVERSE has the heart and humor that readers of Lorna Landvik's books have come to expect . . . and a big dash of the unexpected, for the sheer fun of it.